CV Joint 108mm: Driveshaft - 930 Porsche - 300m

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Off Road 300mm 930 Porsche off road spec driveshaft.

Ground finished and sized similar to torsion bars, these shafts spring and wind up to allow flex in the driveline system - reducing shock loads on the gearbox and differentials and increasing reliability and traction.

Due to the many variations available, this product is supplied to special order only. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

Off Road spec 300mm 930 Porsche driveshaft.


Fits the 108mm 28 spline GKN CV joint

With up to 3" spline length either end, these shafts allow the CV joint to float on the driveshaft spline thereby increasing increasing available wheel travel.


Available in lengths from 13" up to 27" Please contact to discuss your requrements


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