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Shock Servicing

Just like most race car parts, a damper's internals are a consumable item and need to be replaced at regular intervals to maintain its long-term life and maximise its performance.
Although we use the best quality oil available to minimise the effects of wear, it still degrades with increased usage, so regular oil changes are required.
The oil seals and O-rings are also of the highest quality but should be replaced with the oil along with the main piston shims, which also lose performance with fatigue and wear.
The oil and valving shims are the fundamental requirements for the creation of damping forces/ resistance and are constantly being cycled with every damper movement.
Often, the result of this wear is shown up as having to increase the dampers adjustments as the season progresses.
The importance of damper maintenance and servicing is critical and to get the best performance out of your damper receiving regular check ups is a must.
Listed below is exactly what the damper maintenance and servicing includes:-
  1. Complete strip, thorough clean, and inspection for damage of the dampers main components.

  2. Replacement of main piston valving shims and compression adjuster shims as necessary.

  3. Oil change.

  4. Replacement of all O-rings and oil seals.

  5. Fresh Nitrogen gas charge.


Our shock rebuild service will include complete strip and clean of all components.

Then they will be checked and damper will be reassembled using new components where necessary.
Should customers require any extra work done (new platforms, reservoirs, etc) this should be expressed at the time of placing the order.


We can supply new shocks or rebuild old units with custom valve codes, often using our own proprietory valving specifications that have been developed over years experience tuning shocks. 
We use the Fox Valving Chart only as reference, European off road applications tend to require a different philosophy with regard to shock damping curves and wheel frequencies than seen in US desert racing. 
We will need to know the following information:-
  1. Type of racing

  2. Type of car

  3. Spring rates

  4. Motion ratios - please note above

  5. Corner Weights (if available)

  6. Axle Weight/Unsprung Weight

  7. Spring (postive or negative) Preload/Suspension Sag

  8. Any information about the shocks you currently use

  9. Details about the vehicles current handling

When requesting a shock revalve, it is best to offer as much information about your vehicle as possible.

Shock Upgrades

It may be possible to upgrade your shock with different compression or rebound adjuster.
Or maybe increase the range of adjustment of what you already have.
We are constantly testing new parts as they become available from the factory.
As a result of this testing program it is worth giving us a ring from time to time to see where your current spec is and whether any new developments have become available that might improve your vehicles performance.