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Fox Jackal 4x4 Shock Absorber

Fox HMT Jackal Shock Absorber.

Based on a 2.5 Series Fox shock absorber with remote reservoir and single external compression bypass tube.

Provides 2 stage compression damping:

First stage,  soft to improve crew comfort.

Second stage, over twice as stiff to resist systemic bottoming out of the suspension system.

2 shocks fitted per wheel station.

Military & Defence Suspension

We have had the privilege of working closely with UK Special Forces and have a good working relationship with various departments within the UK MoD and some military units abroad.
We are also currently integrating our technology with various OE covert vehicle manufacturers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


We understand modern military forces increasingly require rapidly deployable, robust & highly mobile platforms.
Up-armouring existing vehicles to protect against the modern insurgency threat costs in terms of payload capacity and performance.
We also understand that in the role of peace-keeper, many of these up-armoured, covert platforms also need to perform as the OE vehicle manufacturer intended, even though the vehicle maybe be operating at over twice the original GVW.
Off-road mobility in rugged and unforgiving terrain is very often unsatisfactory and is further compounded by poor road networks and a patient enemy which targets established vehicle routes.
Standard vehicle suspension systems are not designed with the level of mobility on off-road terrain necessary to pursue and avoid an enemy familiar with the ground and our limitations, nor sufficiently resilient to live in the harsh desert climate.
The reality is that off-road vehicle performance has become a weak link in the chain.
Our aim is to change this.


Jackal 4x4 Shock Absorber Trials

Our expertise lies in our ability to tailor solutions to meet the exact needs of a vehicle platform operating in a specific environment, or set of environments.
We provide suspension and driveline engineering solutions at any stage of a vehicles' development curve — from the initial development phase through to refurbishment of platforms nearing the end of their lifecycle.
We work discreetly with our customers to provide straightforward engineering solutions at short notice anywhere in the world. 
We have provided solutions for a variety of vehicles employed by conventional and special operations forces in the United Kingdom and across the world, a notable example being the UK MoDs MWMIK Jackal.
Specific vehicle performance enhancements that have been achieved include:
  • Nearly doubling the top speed from 30 mph to 50 mph of the platform in off-road desert terrain
  • Eliminated systemic bottom-out problems responsible for damaging equipment and injuring personnel
  • Stabilisation of platform for enhanced weapons operation.


Our focus is completely on the needs of the end user.
We ensure that operational capabilty is detailed and carefully considered at every major step of the engineering cycle.
Our approach is to develop simple design concepts whenever possible, improving reliability and durability without sacrificing performance.

Fox B6 Level Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Kit

Position Sensitive Damping

This design concept is particularly well suited to military vehicle operations.
The key attribute of shock absorbers equipped with this technology is their capacity to provide the correct level of suspension damping for the particular surface on which the vehicle is travelling.
Softer damping at normal ride-height on even surfaces provides enhanced stability, traction, and comfort—reducing driver fatigue and improving vehicle control and maneuverability.
Damping levels automatically adjust to the terrain, becoming progressively stiffer as the driving surface becomes rougher, dramatically improving vehicle control, speed and maneuverability on rugged, off-road surfaces.
Damping at the end of the shock absorber compression stroke is hugely increased—eliminating vehicle chassis bottom-out when the suspension hits large bumps or sudden drops.
Damping also stiffens progressively on the rebound stroke—preventing sudden rebound when the springs are compressed, and eliminating vehicle top-out.
This technology is fitted as standard on the Ford F150 Raptor Pickup truck.
Please see the Fox Military Website for more details of what we can offer.

Jackal Differentials

Jackal prototype differential and transfer box units produced for the MoD by Xtrac Ltd.

Prolinx was one of the instigators this program and was involved from the design brief right through to the testing phase of these units.

They incorporate Xtrac viscous LSD speed sensing technology and produced a huge mobility and reliability improvement over the units originally fitted to the vehicle.